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Pictures truly are worth a thousand words.

Recent Photos From Actual Clients Homes

View a few photographs of conditions uncovered in clients homes during recent inspections.  All of our reports include color digital photographs to more clearly describe the conditions.  Don't you hope your new or existing home doesn't have any conditions like these?  But if it does, wouldn't you rather know about it now and be able to make an informed decision on the best course of action for your safety and the maintenance of the home?

We have divided the photographs up by the home's age.  Shown on this page are current homes.  Then below are links to separate pages for New Home Warranty Photos, and then Older Homes Photos, for your viewing convenience.

New Home Warranty Photos

Older Home Photos


Photos From Full Home Inspections (Click arrows from side to side for additional photos)


Attic area with structural framing members inappropriately cut to install gas appliance vent.


Helping protect your investment.

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