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Structural Pests Inspection


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Complete Wood Destroying Organisms (WDO) Inspection

Often called a Pest and Dry Rot Inspection.  A thorough visual Complete Wood Destroying Organisms (WDO) Inspection of the exterior, crawl spaces, and interior home or building components prone to insect and fungi attack, fully documented to the National Pest Control Association standards, with color digital photographs as appropriate.  FHA/VA lending approved.

In the state of Washington, in order to perform a Complete Wood Destroying Organisms Inspection for Wood Destroying Organisms and their conducive conditions, which includes WDO insects and their damages, it is required to be licensed with the Washington State Department of Agriculture as a Structural Pests Inspector and be properly insured.  Some inspectors do not have this additional license and experience.  Conducive conditions refer to conditions that may lead to or enhance an infestation of WDOs, such as water leaks, moisture issues, and wood-to-earth contact.

In the state of Oregon, professional Home Inspectors should also be licensed with the Oregon Department of Agriculture, although many are notFor FHA and VA real estate loans, it is required that a Complete Wood Destroying Organism Inspection be performed by a licensed state Department of Agriculture Commercial Pesticide Applicator-Structural Pests Inspector.

We are licensed with both the Washington State Department of Agriculture as a Structural Pests Inspector, and with the Oregon Department of Agriculture as a Commercial Pesticide Applicator-Structural Pests Inspector.

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We are also available for Re-inspections, returning to the property after previously performing a Wood Destroying Organisms Inspection.  This is usually after a client has had some repair work or pest treatment done, or has requested that a Seller have done prior to closing.  Trust us to help make sure the conditions were properly taken care of.

The investment fee for our Complete Wood Destroying Organisms/Pests Inspection is based on the size (square footage) of the home.  Of course other factors can also enter in, such as additional out buildings or special evaluation requests.  An "average" Full Wood Destroying Organisms/Pests Inspection will range between $150 and $250.  Please call or e-mail us for a specific quote.  Don't make such an important decision based on "price" alone.  Protect your investment, and your family's security.  If you hesitate to pay for a professional, consider what it may cost you to hire an amateur! 

If you also schedule a Complete Home Inspection for the same visit, you will save over 50% off this fee.  Consider a complete home evaluation, and understand your home's full conditions.

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Common Northwest Pests and Organisms

Common Willamette Valley Wood Destroying Organisms includes wood decay fungi or wet rot, and structural insects including carpenter ants, dampwood termites, and wood boring beetles.  Susceptible exterior areas include lower siding and trim details, wood decks and support posts near or in contact with the ground, and other wood such as form boards with wood to earth contact.  The crawl space is a very susceptible area for Wood Destroying Organisms, often providing food, moisture, and warm shelter, in an undisturbed location.

Susceptible interior areas include bathrooms, basements, laundry rooms, kitchens, and exterior walls, especially around windows and doors.  Wood Destroying Organisms are almost always found near water sources such as toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and other plumbing and leakage areas such as windows.

A WDO insect infestation can occur at any time, and whenever moisture is present with an unprotected food source (wood or cellulose), wet rot conditions can begin.  Proper prevention and maintenance is the key.


We are Properly Licensed, Trained, and Insured


Washington State Department of Agriculture licensed Commercial Consultant & Structural Pests Inspector #64667.  As a professional, we are required to complete semi-annual Continuing Education classes in order maintain our license.


Oregon Department of Agriculture licensed Commercial Pesticide Applicator-Structural Pests Inspector #167036.  As with Washington, Oregon also requires completion of semi-annual Continuing Education classes to remain licensed.


We are also trained and certified by the American Institute of Inspectors as a Structural Pests & Dry Rot Inspector #6089, and follow Industry Standards and their Standards of Practice.

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