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Sample Reports


Dedication to the details.

What good is a thorough, complete inspection if you can't understand, or even read, the information presented to you?  We agree, and strive to provide the best inspection report in the industry.  Each of our reports are prepared specifically for you, from the details of your home.  No handwritten check box sheets, no generic forms with numerous lines of "Not applicable" written on them.  Only the pertinent information on your home's condition is included in your report, with digital photographs for clarification.

The old adage, "A picture is worth a thousand words" really does apply here.  When we talk about a plumbing leak in the crawl space, or a wiring hazard in the attic, you will be able to SEE the condition, in full color, and better understand the issue.

We think you will agree, our reports are second to none.  Click one (or all!) of the examples below for an idea of our report's thoroughness - yet easy to read AND understand.

Sample Report Pages

(Click to view in PDF file format - If you need the latest FREE Acrobat Reader software, please follow the Adobe link on our Links/Resources Page)

Cover Page        Professional. Barkee Report - Front Cover.

Roof System Section        Thorough. Barkee Report - Roof System section.

Kitchen & Laundry Section        Detailed. Barkee Report - Kitchen & Laundry section.

Bathrooms and Bedrooms Sections        Reliable. Barkee Report - Bathrooms and Bedrooms sections.

Attic & Crawl Space Section        Knowledgeable. Barkee Report - Attic & Crawl Space section.

Plumbing System Section        Trained. Barkee Report - Plumbing System section.

Summary & Tips Section        Concise. Barkee Report - Summary & Tips section.

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