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Individual Components


     Catch issues before they become costly conditions.

Inspections for a single component or home system such as Siding, Roofing, or Electrical Outlet Efficiency Testing, or a specific condition such as Water Drainage or Crawl Space concerns.  We are happy to tailor our evaluations to meet your specific requests and needs.

We are also available for Re-inspections, returning to the property after previously performing a Component Inspection.  This is usually after a client has had some repair work done.  Trust us to help make sure the conditions were corrected properly.

Siding and Exterior Cladding

The Exterior Specialists. Inspecting siding and trim details.The Siding/Exterior Specialists.  There are other local inspectors claiming to be a "siding specialist" or "certified" to inspect sidings.  Doug has the experience you need.  Over 25-years experience consulting on and inspecting exteriors as Resident Product Expert, including siding materials and their installation.  He was a manager of a major national wood-composite siding manufacturing business, and was responsible for all customer product complaints and performance issues.  He has literally inspected hundreds of exteriors throughout the West coast, and was heavily involved for many years in the siding industry.  His experience included exterior product research and development, testing, work with code associations and local building officials.  Let our experience work for you.

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The investment fees for our Individual Component evaluations have to be quoted on a case-by-case basis, depending upon your specific requests.  Individual Component Inspections "average" between $75 and $200, or we can quote you an hourly rate.  Please call or e-mail us for a specific quote.  Don't make such an important decision based on "price" alone.  Protect your investment, and your family's security.  If you hesitate to pay for a professional, consider what it may cost you to hire an amateur! 

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