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New Home Warranty Inspection


We hope you are enjoying your new home.

Don't Wait Until it's Too Late

Let us thoroughly review your new home - prior to closing, or before your one-year builder warranty expires.  As an objective third-party, we will document conditions that you need corrected.  Along with a Full Report complete with color digital photographs, we will also develop a "Punch List" for you to provide to your builder, identifying the conditions that need their attention.  Make sure your home and its systems are in the condition you expect and need them to be in - now and for years to come.

New Home Warranty Inspection includes:

Lot Drainage ● Walks & Driveway ● Foundation ● Crawl Space ● Siding

Roof System ● Attic ● Insulation ● Heating & Cooling Systems ● Plumbing

Water Heater ● Electrical System ● Garage ● Interior Rooms

Kitchen ● Appliances ● Bathrooms ● Walls ● Ceiling ● Floors ● Doors ● Windows

Fixtures ● Lighting ● Wood Destroying Organisms ● and More

We take the time to do it right. Evaluating brick and mortar details.We perform a thorough, 2-1/2 to 4 hour total home and property visual inspection of accessible components and systems as outlined further above.  Health & Safety is always considered at each stage of the inspection, throughout the entire evaluation process, helping to protect your family.  We then encourage you to attend a Post-Inspection Consultation to discuss the evaluation with you and answer any questions you may have. We are also happy to answer any additional questions concerning proper maintenance and operation of your home's systems.

We are fully certified, licensed and experienced to perform Full Home Inspections, which include the discovery of Wood Destroying Organisms (structural insects and wet rot) and the conducive conditions which promote them.


A Few Past-Year Comments on Our

New Home Warranty Inspections

"Since we chose to invest in a home out here, we wanted an independent source to check out the home before our one-year builder warranty was up.  Your company was the PERFECT choice.  Everything was done in a timely manner and the inspection performed was very thorough - and Doug spent time with us afterward and made sure we had an understanding of everything he did as well as his findings.  I would most highly recommend this company to those looking for this service.  Thank You!"

                Greg and Shelly N., E Vancouver

"I'm really impressed and will be happy to refer friends/colleagues to you.  I especially appreciated you taking the time to answer my questions.  The report to give to my builder is great.  Also, maintenance tips I need to do to care for a new home is also appreciated."

                Shirley M., Gresham

"Doug, you did an awesome job from first contact to this follow up.  Although I have no referrals at this time, I would definitely recommend you!  Thanks!"  This was a brand new home that we inspected prior to closing.

                Frieda F. and John R., Camas

"I appreciate the professional way we were treated .. . and would recommend Barkee Inspection Services."

                Dick and Edith I., Gresham 

"I feel very comfortable in the service we received, from start to finish, and believe it was very fair in value."

                Chris and Janett M., Camas

"Thank you for being so patient answering our many questions!"

                Dorothy M., NW Vancouver

"A worthwhile investment.  Our builder thought you were very thorough and the report was well-written." 

                        Greg and Susan B., Felida

"You were very attentive and very professional.  I will have you in mind for a future reference.  Thank you and Happy Holidays."

                Javier M., E Portland


                Steve and Risa S., NE Vancouver

"The inspection was very thorough and comprehensive.  Ours was a new home, just reaching the one-year walk-through with the builder, and Barkee Inspection (Services) brought to our attention the things we would have missed.  I would highly recommend this service to other home owners or home buyers."

                Harold Y. and Patricia F., La Center


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We are also available for Re-inspections, returning to the property after previously performing a New Home Warranty Inspection.  This is usually after a client has had the builder complete the corrections or repair work.  Trust us to help make sure the conditions were corrected properly.

The investment fee for our New Home Warranty Inspection is based on the size (square footage) of the home.  Of course other factors can also enter in, such as additional out-buildings or special evaluation requests.  An "average" New Home Warranty Inspection will range between $295 and $495.  Please call or e-mail us for a specific quote.  Don't make such an important decision based on "price" alone.  Make the investment in your home's future, and your family's security.  If you hesitate to pay for a professional, consider what it may cost you to hire an amateur! 

If you also schedule a Complete Wood Destroying Organisms/Pests Inspection for the same visit, you will save over 50% off the fee.

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Common Issues Frequently Found in New Homes

Structural & System Components


Safety issues - Fire hazards from improper clearance to combustibles, garage door opener auto-reverse and electric eye safety beam systems not properly set, and gas appliance venting and safety conditions.


Attics and Crawl Spaces – Electrical hazards, incomplete insulation and fire separation walls, posts and beams not properly supported on piers, vents blocked by insulation, plumbing leaks, and moisture conditions from incomplete vapor barriers (Moisture equals Mold).


Wood scraps such as form boards left in the crawl space - food for termites, ants, and other wood destroying insects and organisms.


Electrical System - Main panel review and electrical outlet testing, insuring that safety systems are functioning properly (such as GFCI’s in bathrooms, kitchens, and at exteriors). 

Exterior Components


 Siding and trim details, along with windows, doors, and other exterior penetrations, need caulking and painting to keep out moisture (and maintain the product manufacturer’s warranties).  Over 25-Years expertise as The Exterior Specialists.


Chimney and other roof penetrations, including vents and skylights, not properly flashed and sealed.


Improper decking support, and inadequate wood-to-earth clearance, which is a conducive condition to wet rot and wood destroying insects.


Finish grade and landscaping too close to wood components, which is a conducive condition to wet rot and wood destroying insects.  Also proper drainage and foundation vent clearance.

Interior Components


Final bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room caulking details incomplete, to prevent moisture damage to floors, cabinets, and walls.


Non-functioning Smoke Detectors, and missing Carbon Monoxide Detectors.


Forced-air heating and cooling system conditions, such as blocked registers and incomplete or damaged ducts.


Windows and doors that are tight, or missing locks and hardware.

The majority of the above conditions are not usually due to builder neglect.  There are literally thousands of components and steps involved in the construction of a new home.  Often many issues are not caught before the home is completed and the unsuspecting buyers move in.  Maintain your safety, and the integrity of your investment.  Catch issues before they cause dangerous or costly conditions.


Bring Us into Your New Home Ownership Process

Health & Safety emphasized throughout the entire inspection process.  Protect your family.

Inspections meet and exceed States of Washington and of Oregon's Standards of Practice, and are FHA/VA Approved.

Effective 7/1/09 Washington State now licenses Home Inspectors.  We are fully Licensed and Certified by the States of Washington and Oregon and complete semi-annual Continuing Education Classes as required (usually monthly).

Fully Insured for your protection.

Prompt, reliable service - One of the friendly faces in the real estate and construction industries.

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