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"I thought the inspection was thorough and informative as it was being conducted, but the written report - well, that far exceeded my expectations.  I'll be working from it for months - maybe years to come!  P.S. The seller's agent remarked during the inspection, "He's a very good inspector.  I'll keep his card.""

                Mary N., Vancouver

"Competent, thorough, professional - What more could we ask for?  Especially impressed by thorough report enhanced by pictures - better than any other inspection report we've reviewed.  Thank you."

                Keith and Tracy H., Salmon Creek

"You always do a great job!"  The client is also a successful real estate agent and selected Barkee Inspection Services to inspect her personal home that she was purchasing.

                Shea S. & Gina D., N Portland

"The inspection report has been a great guideline for needed maintenance, repair, and improvements.  It was also a valuable tool in negotiating the sale price.  Thank you for your help."

                Kay and Judith W., Hazel Dell

"Doug, You did a superior job.  My Thanx."  This was the buyer in a For Sale By Owner transaction.

                Frank A., SE Vancouver

"I was very impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of Barkee Inspections.  I was treated very well and the inspection was thorough and precise.  I will be recommending Barkee Inspection Services to friends and co-workers."

                Dan B., Vancouver

"Thank you very much."  This was the first of two Full Home Inspections we performed for them within three-weeks.

                Dan and Mineko K., Olympia, WA

"Thanks Doug!!  Your thoroughness was very much appreciated.  We most definitely will be recommending you to our friends!!"  This was the second Full Home Inspection we performed for them within a three-week period.

                Chuck and Donna V., Vancouver

"We were very pleased with the detail of the report which indicates a high level of skill in home construction.  We will be happy to recommend Barkee Inspection Services to anyone who might need this service.  Thanks Doug!"

                Scott and Karen L., Salmon Creek

"The inspection was very thorough and comprehensive.  Ours was a new home, just reaching the one-year walk-through with the builder, and Barkee Inspection (Services) brought to our attention the things we would have missed.  I would highly recommend this service to other home owners or home buyers."  This was a New Home Warranty Inspection.

                Harold Y. and Patricia F., La Center

"Your service was great!  Thanks."

                Roger and Donna Y., Bend, OR

"Doug did a great job.  I felt very comfortable with his knowledge and that he had covered everything.  Doug is very professional and a very nice person.  I feel confident that our inspection was thorough.  Thx!"

                Darci C., Gresham

"One of the better home inspections we have had.  Very well done and very informative."

                Chuck and Penny P., NE Vancouver

"Doug is great - Again!  Nice follow through -"  This was the second Full Home Inspection that we completed for them within 6 months.

                Richard and Beverly R., Fairway Village - Vancouver


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