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The American Institute of Inspectors

The American Institute of Inspectors (AII) is a national non-profit trade association.  AII is the only home inspection organization which requires every member to undergo a comprehensive training program before being tested and earning certification as a Certified Home Inspector.  Completion of semi-annual Continuing Education Classes are required as well.  As members, we are part of an important association that strives to improve overall standards and education for the professional Home Inspectors industry.

Doug is an active Master-Certified Member and past Standing Committee Member of AII, serving on the Ethics Standing Committee for 2002-2005.  The "Master-Certified" designation comes after reaching extensive levels of experience and continuing education, from levels of "Associate", then "Certified", then "Senior", and finally "Master".  A minimum of 36 credit hours per year of continuing education has to be completed, along with a minimum of four years experience.  Doug has actually completed over 75 credit hours per year average for the past few years, staying abreast of the latest changes in the inspection and construction industries.

Learn more about the American Institute of Inspectors at their Web site by clicking below.     American Institute of Inspectors logo 


Northwest Oregon Certified Home Inspectors (NWOCHI)

Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington Certified Home Inspectors (NWOCHI) is a local chapter of AII based here in the Portland - Vancouver metro area.  Members meet monthly, holding continuing education training with guest speakers presenting a variety of relevant and timely presentations.  Members are also able to exchange local information relating to the inspection, real estate, and construction industries. 

NWOCHI is also approved by the states of Oregon and Washington as a continuing education provider for Certified Home Inspectors as well as Wood Destroying Organisms Inspectors.

Doug is an active member and Elected Officer of NWOCHI, serving as President, Secretary, and Continuing Education Director for 2002-2007.

Learn more about the Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington Certified Home Inspectors association at their Web site by clicking below. 

Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce is the heart of the Clark County business community.  Serving as the voice of business since 1890, the Chamber provides leadership, networking, advocacy and resources to more than 1,100 Clark County businesses.

The largest, strongest and most active business organization in Southwest Washington, the Chamber is dedicated to providing positive business leadership that results in economic vitality for businesses, their employees, and our community.

Leadership, Member Services, Advocacy, Participation, Collaboration, and Accountability, are the foundation blocks which the Chamber uses to develop policies and programs, respond to issues facing our community, and represent the collective voice of the business community.

Barkee Inspection Services and it's owners have been members and participated in many of the Chamber events.

Learn more about the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce at their Web site by clicking below.    

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