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Commercial and Multi-Family Properties Trained & Certified

Commercial and multi-family properties often have complex and broad inspection requirements, whether it be a large multi-building apartment complex, an office building, or a retail store or strip mall.  Specific training and experience is necessary to properly inspect these types of properties.  We are trained and certified as a Certified Commercial Facilities Inspector through the American Institute of Inspectors.  Training was conducted by Rebenstorff & Associates Inspection Services of Orangevale, CA by John Rebenstorff, a many-year veteran of the building and home inspection industry and experienced industry trainer.  Trust an Inspector who has the experience.

Below are a few photos of Commercial and Multi-Family properties that we have inspected (Click arrows from side to side for additional photos)


Restaurant in Beaverton


We inspect commercial property to the recognized industry standard.  If necessary, we have a variety of professional industry contacts, and can bring in other experts as appropriate to get you the specific information and detail you need.  Call us to discuss your needs and receive a specific project quote.

Commercial Inspections can include:

Grounds ● Lot Drainage ● Parking Lots & Walkways ● Foundations

Basements ● Exterior Claddings ● Roof Systems ● Attics ● Plumbing

Water Heaters ● HVAC - Heating & Cooling Systems ● Insulation
Electrical Systems ● Interiors ● Bathrooms/Rest Rooms ● Kitchens/Sink Areas ● Walls & Ceilings

Floors ● Doors & Windows ● Fixtures ● Lighting ● Wood Destroying Organisms

We will tailor the inspection to your specific needs and desired detail.  We will perform a thorough visual inspection of accessible components and systems to the degree that you require.  Health & Safety is always considered at each stage of the inspection, throughout the entire evaluation process, helping to protect you and your clients.  We always encourage you to attend a Post-Inspection Consultation to discuss the evaluation with you and answer any questions you may have.  We are always available to answer any additional questions concerning the inspection and the property.  We can also include the helpful document "Tips for Maintaining a Commercial Property".

The Full Report, complete with color digital photographs, can also include a Complete Wood Destroying Organisms Inspection for the discovery of structural insects and wet rot, and the conducive conditions which promote them.

We are also available for Re-inspections, returning to the property after previously performing an Inspection.  This is usually after a client has had some repair work done, or has requested that a Seller have done prior to closing.  Trust us to help make sure the conditions were corrected properly.


The investment fee for a Commercial Inspection is based on a number of factors including the size (square footage) and age of the property, scope of the needed Inspection, and level of detail that can include bringing in additional experts.  Often we will conduct a Pre-Inspection site visit to fully understand the scope in order to properly quote the project.  We can also quote on an hourly basis.  Don't make such an important decision based on "price" alone.  Make the investment . . . to fully protect your investment.  If you hesitate to pay for a professional, consider what it may cost you to hire an amateur! 

If you also schedule a Complete Wood Destroying Organisms/Pests Inspection for the same visit, you will save over 50% off the fee.

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Flyer - Preparing the Structure and Property for a Certified Property Inspection


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Bring Us into Your Commercial Real Estate Process

We are trained and certified as a Certified Commercial Facilities Inspector through the American Institute of Inspectors.

Inspections meet and exceed States of Washington and of Oregon's home inspectors Standards of Practice, and Wood Destroying Organism Inspections are FHA/VA Approved.


Health & Safety emphasized throughout the entire inspection process to help protect you and your investment.

Effective 7/1/09 Washington State now licenses Home Inspectors.  We are fully Licensed and Certified by the States of Washington and Oregon and complete semi-annual Continuing Education Classes as required (usually monthly).

Fully Insured for your protection.

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