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Press Release Aug '09



Douglas Barkee Meets New Licensing for State of Washington

Washington Licensed Home Inspector #429

August, 2009 -- Douglas Barkee of Barkee Inspection Services of Vancouver, WA has become fully state of Washington licensed under the new licensing regulations.  Washington state had minimal licensing requirements up until this point and with this new legislation has expanded licensing requirements to further protect consumers.  New licensing requirements, which became effective 7/1/09, now require extensive training, experience, and passing of a national test to become a "Washington Licensed Home Inspector".  This has increased the required level of experience and professionalism that is required to be a state licensed home inspector.

With over 20-years experience as The Siding/Exterior Specialists, Barkee Inspection Services can be trusted to take care of any of your home and building inspection needs.  They are available throughout the Vancouver - Portland-metro area and beyond.

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